50 ml  $16     4 oz.  $25
Calendula oil, shea butter,  vitamin e
 and lavender essential oil
                 simple ~ safe ~ effective
natures best herb for healing & nourishing all skin conditions!
calendula officinalis is known for its healing properties. calendula is anti-bacterial,
anti-inflammatory, even anti-fungal!

an old fashioned multi~purpose herbal remedy for healthy skin!
olive oil infusion of 12 herbs that promote healing, soothe rashes & dry skin.
plantain, comfrey, calendula, chickweed, lemon balm, marjoram, mallow,
chamomile, rosemary, dandelion, arnica, elder.
with organic virgin coconut oil, vitamin e & beeswax.
Pine needle essential oil is added for its atiseptic properties as well as aroma.........
Herbal blend of ginger, arnica, st. johns wt., comfrey, marjoram, mint,
rosemary, valerian rt. shea butter, vitamin e
and beeswax. a proprietary essential oil blend.
all farm fresh herbs infused in  100% olive oil.
calendula and chamomile combine with shea butter, apricot oil, beeswax
& vitamin e, lavender and tangerine essential oils
a wonderful soothing, relaxing fragrance with the valuable healing
properties of calendula & chamomile!
calendula, comfrey, rosemary along with other herbs, combine with
avocado oil, avocado butter, organic virgin coconut oil, vitamin e & beeswax.
peppermint~tea tree
essential oils
 rich moisturizing herbs combine with refreshing mint!
a natural herbal balm for coughs, colds & flu
thyme & sage herbal oils, olive oil, castor oil & beeswax proprietary blend of essential oils
with eucalyptus & wintergreen
safe, natural alternative to common decongestant rubs 
calendula, with cocoa butter, 
virgin coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, castor oil, apricot oil with vitamin e peppermint essential oil
1/4 oz. tube      $5
pure shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil combine with a little bit of beeswax make a simple, effective balm for sensitive, dry, cracked, sore skin.
Yummy Coconut fragrance,
personal favorite!

4 oz. $16
8 oz. $25

Coconut Lime Lip Balm
healing and moisturizing balm
same herbal blend as herbal lip balm with essential oil lime & coconut flavoring....
1/4 oz.      $5


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