Two Old Crows
...a new dawn...

Two Old Crows is a collaboration of re-used, up-cycled
woolens collected by two old friends.
We became inspired when we inherited a felted wool collection from
a unique artist from the Seattle area.
we have continued to hand select and seek woolens,
all 2nd hand to add to the collection.
With all of their own untold stories of the past,
we collect from around the Pacific Northwest & beyond.
First, we sort, clean, & then felt.
During this process the wool is thoroughly cleansed.
Next, we start organizing & cutting looking at the different
colors and texture of these woolen fabrics.

Now the fun part.....
We are often inspired by a particular piece and we begin the
designing of each gift to its uniqueness.
We are creating woolen patchwork blankets & quilts, fingerless gloves,
small buttoned purses & bags, hot pad & skillet covers & more!
Each of these items has been hand crafted & hand stitched.
Together we have created new & fresh up-cycled
renewed gifts with new stories to be made!
You can find us at the Bellingham Farmers Market, (seasonally)
and special Vintage shows & festivals!
-Call or email for our current 2016 schedule-
Christie @ 360 305 8025      Jeri @ 360 220 4323

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