Christie Tomlin:

Christie Tomlin

Founder, Owner and Operator of Birchwood Botanicals! She has 40 years of practical herbal knowledge. Christie single handily formulated and created all of the herbal products on Birchwood Botanicals herbal body care line. Christie is always studying the history and folklore of herbs and translates her findings to her customers and how they can use her product in their everyday lives. She is wealth of information is passionate about crafting products for her customers needs.

Jessica Rose Tomlin:

Jessica Rose Tomlin

Jessica, is Christie and Don’s youngest daughter, she was practically raised at the Bellingham Farmers Market. Her early years were spent in the gardens building fairy houses and taking pictures of the blooms on the homestead. She was inspired to serve beautiful meals with herbs and vegetables harvested from the urban farm. This lead to her passion for creativity with food and a degree in Culinary Arts from Bellingham Technical College. She is currently Head Chef at Bantam 46 and you can find her Saturdays at the Market selling Birchwood Botanicals and seeking local foods & flavor!

Jessica Evans:

Jessica Evans

Jessica has been a dear part of the Tomlin family for many decades, she is another daughter to us. She works closely with Christie as the Wholesale Representative. Jessica has become a valuable asset to the Birchwood Botanicals team as she is learning hands on to create the products. She earned her degree as an Esthetician at the Makana Academy Spa and interned in a Medical spa, in Honolulu, HI. She has a passion for skin care and Aromatherapy and she loves shaping eyebrows.

Kamea Black:

Kamea Black

Our face at the Bellingham Farmers Market and our 2019 Birchwood Botanicals Intern! Armed with her Interdisciplinary degree from Fairhaven College and Western Washington University with Holistic Agriculture & Food Distribution Systems. Kamea brings a wealth of knowledge to the team! Additionally, Kamea has a background as a market vendor & formulating her tea blends. She has an enthusiasm for herbal studies and local food culture. She can often be found knee deep in the dirt or creating a culinary delight! Come visit her at market, she has a wealth of knowledge!

Courtney Norlander:

Courtney Norlander

Our computer guru and web Master! Courtney is Christie and Don’s middle daughter and is excited to use her expertise in the computer coding behind the scenes for Birchwood Botanicals. She has a Bachelors Degree from Montana State University in Psychology and a second Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Concordia St. Paul Minnesota University! She currently live in the Big Sky’s of Montana and loves to spend the snowy months in a tropical corner of the world each year, since she is able to work remote with her laptop... anywhere she wants to be!

Jasmine Chavez: 


Our oldest daughter, one of Birchwood Botanicals biggest supporters. Jasmine has a degree in Business Management, from American Military University. Jasmine recently retired from the US Air Force as Senior Master Sergeant Chavez. Jasmine is our go to for leadership skills and consultant with business decisions. She currently resides in Louisiana enjoying retirement as a busy mother of two teen boys and enjoying the sunny days gardening and crafting.

Don Tomlin:


Co-Owner & Farm Manager! Don is an all-around handyman of many talents and takes care of the gardens and livestock. When he is not tending to the farm, he can be found in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing , hiking and exploring new mountains! He has a special connection to wildlife and it is not uncommon to have deers, squirrels and crows be-friend him on the farm. Don has a curiosity and respect with mother nature and finds encouragement in being in the outdoors.

Mary Ann Hanson: 

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is Birchwood Botanicals 1st mentor. She earned a degree in Home Economics from the University of Washington and spent many years in the Alaskan Bush. Mary Ann is an expert gardener and botanist and continues to pass on her knowledge of growing and harvesting to Christie and all her interns. She is happiest when she receives a huge armful of herbs to dry and pluck. These herbs are used to process the herbal oil infusions that are used in Birchwood Botanical’s formulas. Mary Ann is a true minimalist.  She lives by the motto “re-use, recycle or do without”. She is an avid reader and loves sewing and stitching.

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