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$9.00 6×6 ziplock with muslin bag

{Create a bath to pamper the body and rejuvenate the spirit!}

Make Bath teas by steeping a handful of herbs in quart of freshly boiled water for 15 minutes. pour through a strainer and add the ‘tea’ to your bath. or ~simply use the muslin bag by filling with herbs and adding it to your bath water!


$10 for a one pound jar/bag


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potted herbs

Potted Herbs


Bath salts are the ultimate bathing ritual to pamper the body, mind and spirit
by turning your bath into a spa experience.
salt baths are a centuries old ritual use to heal & balance.
salts are said to draw toxins out of the body, nourishing the skin with minerals, removing impurities from the skin, helps relieve stress, melt away tensions
and soothe aching muscles and pains.
bath salts are a simple and delightful way to add valuable important trace
minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium while softening the
water and gently cleansing the skin.

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